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Fire in the Blood (Police Scotland 4, Paperback)

Fire in the Blood (Police Scotland 4, Paperback)

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A body soaked in whisky. A family with secrets to hide.

DC Scott Cullen isn’t so much disillusioned with the police force but his insufferable boss, DI Bain, and the way he constantly sidelines Cullen, hampering his ability to solve cases. Is it personal?

When the owner of Dunpender Distillery opens a cask of whisky for a special edition, he finds more than a single malt. The barrel contains the body of a man, mangled and unidentifiable.

Now, as the rest of the team focus on bigger cases, Cullen finds himself as lead investigator of not one but two decades-old cases. Two men working at the distillery went missing within weeks of each other around the same time the barrel was filled nearly twenty years ago. Their bodies were never found.

As Cullen steps back in time to work out what happened, he has to battle through twisted tales of family loyalties, lies and professional rivalries. But before Cullen can work out who the killer is, he needs to know whose body is in the barrel… And whether the murderer will strike again.


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